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MapViewerAdministration Console 11g
Your MapViewer server is now running and you can start viewing your Oracle Spatial managed data.
MapViewer is a component of Oracle's Fusion Middleware.
It provides powerful geospatial data visualization services.
Getting started
Here are a few things that can get you started.
  • Use MapBuilder to import some spatial data into an Oracle database that you have access to.
  • Create a data source so that MapViewer can connect to the database. Please log into the Admin page to do so.
  • Start developing your first MapViewer applications.
What is Oracle Maps
Oracle Maps is a new feature of MapViewer. It consists of a free scrolling AJAX-based web mapping interface, a flexible and open JavaScript API, a map tile server and a Feature of Interest (FOI) server. Starting with MapViewer version we also added a new HTML5 JavaScript mapping API.
Demos and tutorials
Please note that all demos and tutorials previously bundled with MapViewer have been removed from the product itself. They will be available for download from the OTN MapViewer page.

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